Ever Think About Fostering? We Need You!

Fostering is the first step in giving a dog a second chance

Why Does Lucky Dog Need Fosters?

The primary reasons Lucky Dog needs foster homes are the medical condition of the dog: puppies too young and small to be at the shelter; dogs recovering from surgery that require special care (such as a dog in a cast); and starving emaciated dogs that need frequent small feedings that we can’t really provide at the shelter. Lucky Dog will be responsible for all medical costs during the foster, and we will give the foster a contact person at Lucky Dog to work with directly.

We do not use fosters to hold dogs for us until we have room, or for dogs who are healthy and ready to adopt. Those dogs need to be present at the shelter in order to be adopted.

What’s so great about fostering a dog?

Easy – the fantastic dog love you get for your effort. But that’s not all. Here are eight more reasons why every person on the planet should think about fostering a dog.

  • Fostering gives a dog a second chance at life.
  • Fostering a dog is a wonderful, life-affirming project.
  • Fostering a dog costs next to nothing.
  • Fostering a dog is fun.
  • Fostering a dog is rewarding.
  • Fostering a dog can take place whenever you are ready.
  • Fostering a dog offers the company of canines to those unable to make a long-term commitment.

What is involved in being a foster family?

  • Providing temporary shelter and care for the dog. This typically ranges from a few days to a few weeks, but can be longer.
  • Providing food and water.
  • Administering any medicine or special foods a dog needs.

Lucky Dog can supply a crate (if needed), leash, collar, flea medication (seasonal), all necessary vet care, food and any other supplies that may be deemed necessary for your specific foster dog.

We know this takes a very special type of person. We’re hoping it can be you!

If you think you’re this type of person, please fill out the form below.

Thank you so much for caring!

Foster Form
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