Lucky Dog Intake Policy

Have you found a dog in need of rescuing? Please read our Intake Policy below before bringing the pup to Lucky Dog.  Thank you!

The decision to accept or not accept a dog for admission on any given day will be made by the volunteers working at the shelter that day. Lucky Dog is a limited admission shelter, and does not accept every dog that arrives at the door. Our mission is to provide a safe environment for our volunteers and our dogs, and to adopt out well socialized, healthy dogs. For that reason, we will not overcrowd, and will not accept a dog if we do not have room. There will be times when based on our current population and the prevailing desires of adopters that we will place limits on intake of dogs of a certain size, sex, or breed. We will never knowingly accept a dog with a history of aggression, or a dog that has contagious illness. While we would like to help every Lakeside dog in need, we simply do not have the resources to do so. We accept dogs on a first come first served basis, and do not maintain a waiting list. In order to have the most adoptable dogs for the majority of adopters, we strive to maintain a 50/50 ratio of small (10 kilos and under) to larger (over 10 kilos).

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